Unlocking the Ancient Mystery - Tarot in Roman Practices? 💡

The Romans, known for their rich history and cultural practices, had a deep fascination with divination and fortune-telling. While tarot cards, as we know them today, did not exist during ancient Roman times, there were indeed similar practices that the Romans engaged in for seeking guidance and insight into their lives.

One of the most prominent divination methods used by the Romans was the art of reading and interpreting various types of cards. These cards, known as "sortes," were not specifically tarot cards but were used for similar purposes. The sortes were typically small tablets or cards with symbols or words written on them, and they were used to provide answers to questions or offer guidance in different areas of life.

The Roman sortes were influenced by the ancient Greeks, who had a similar practice called "astragalomancy," which involved the casting of dice with symbols or letters on them. The Romans adopted this practice and expanded it to include cards with various symbols and words.

While the specific details of how the Romans used sortes are not well-documented, it is believed that they would draw or select cards randomly and then interpret the symbols or words on the cards to gain insight into their questions or concerns. This practice was often performed by priests or individuals with special knowledge and skills in divination.

It's important to note that the sortes were not solely used for fortune-telling but also for seeking guidance in matters of state, making important decisions, or understanding the will of the gods. The Romans believed that the gods communicated through these cards, and by interpreting their messages, they could gain valuable insights into the future.

While the sortes were not exactly the same as tarot cards, they share similarities in their purpose and usage. Both are tools for divination and seeking guidance, and both rely on the interpretation of symbols or words to provide insight into various aspects of life.

In conclusion, while the Romans did not use tarot cards as we know them today, they did engage in similar practices involving the use of cards known as sortes. These cards were used for divination and seeking guidance, and their interpretation played a significant role in Roman culture and decision-making. If you're interested in exploring the history of tarot and its connection to ancient divination practices, you can find more information on our website, More Tarot.

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